Concern for Helping Animals in Israel (CHAI)

From cruelty to kindness.

For animals, then people.

In Israel today, for tomorrow.


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For a safer, healthier Israel.

CHAI’s innovative programs build upon the proven link between how people treat animals and how they treat their fellow humans.

CHAI’s Expanding the Circle of Compassion educational initiative in Arab schools teaches character values like respect, responsibility and empathy and critical thinking skills. A team of independent evaluators found that it prevented or ended violence toward animals and prevented or reduced violence between students.

CHAI’s Outreach to Imams (Muslim Religious Leaders) resulted in the Interior Ministry authorizing CHAI/Hakol Chai to give presentations to all Imams on the importance of protecting animals and the environment. After the lectures, the Imams will simultaneously share the information to members of the country’s 200 mosques on a designated day. Through the Imams – the most powerful figures in Muslim Arab communities – we have an opportunity to reach parents and other adults and hopefully have a major impact on the treatment of animals in Muslim areas throughout Israel.

About CHAI

Since 1984, CHAI has worked to improve conditions for and treatment of animals in Israel. Our efforts have resulted in important legislation, education, campaigns and direct support – efforts that have saved lives and raised consciousness about animals.