Founded in 1984. Concern for Helping Animals in Israel (CHAI) partners with its Israeli sister charity, Hakol Chai (Everything Lives), to help animals in Israel.

CHAI’s mission is to prevent and relieve animal suffering in Israel and to elevate consciousness about animals. We strive to foster empathy, respect, and responsibility toward all living beings. We work to inspire and empower people of all faiths to recognize the interconnectedness of every strand in the web of life and to make compassionate choices for the good of all.

Our innovative efforts have resulted in important legislation, campaigns, projects and conferences co-sponsored with the Ministry of Education and other Israeli government ministries. Learn more about our accomplishments.

CHAI’s current focus is our groundbreaking Expanding the Circle of Compassion program and other humane education efforts. This crucial work stops the cycle of animal cruelty and violence toward humans. Find out how we’re bringing life-changing experiences to classrooms in Israel.

Our current goal is to achieve widespread adoption of CHAI’s humane education programs, materials and activities in classrooms throughout Israel. An important step toward that goal is making humane education lesson plans for all grades available to teachers, in print and online, in English, Hebrew and Arabic.

CHAI’s programs not only engage young people but also influence principals, school counselors, teachers and parents. We reach adults outside the public schools, including Arab religious leaders, through lectures to groups and media interviews.