In Memoriam of Anya

Anya was taken in as a feral cat from the Tulane Campus in the late spring of 1998. Her sad cries were reverberating up a stairwell in the parking garage. Her litter of kittens had recently drowned in a nearby storm drain. She lived in our uptown New Orleans home for six months before she allowed me to touch her for more than a moment. After that, she followed me almost everywhere she could. She gamely endured the drive for a move from New Orleans to Portland, Oregon in June, 1999, along with our two other cats and one dog, eagerly jumping into her carrier each morning for the trip West.

Anya was an old soul, who hadn’t a mean bone in her body. She was shy but loving, a loyal companion until her death. We will always miss her.

Sarah Krakauer, Mel, Ari, and Miriam Kohn