In Memoriam of Barney Phillips

In memory of Barney Phillips 

Barney was the Cat Among All Cats. He was an assertive fellow–not quite aggressive or pugnacious, but allowing his whims and wiles to register in no uncertain terms. His origins were in Iowa, where as luck would have it, he met up with and was rescued by Miss Pat, the World’s Supreme Pet Carer, who over the course of months nursed and prodded him into good health with the help of the best vet care Iowa had to offer. Barney endured a bunch of moves along with his owner and companion cat, Gemma. But nothing traumatized him as long as he had his cherished person in line of sight. He delighted in the ordered, enclosed gardens that were created for him with patches of favored grasses and catnip plants.

And, for sure, he was the snuggliest guy in his zip code. Indeed, he got a lot of bang for the buck out of his feline life until a quickly manifesting invasive cancer impinged on his lungs. Sadly, he was gone– prematurely–in a short span of time. Though he was preceded by a series of the planet’s luckiest creatures, his status as the most loving and beloved cat remains uncontested.

Ellen King