In Memoriam of Boris

Boris, a.k.a Pearlsy boy, (don’t ask) was the finest companion anyone could aspire to. I reveled in his company for 17 of his twenty years, having adopted him from the DC shelter at age three. Truly, I have never known any living creature — human or otherwise — who manifested his constellation of good qualities: brilliance, sweet cooperative disposition, great looks (they called him handsome at the shelter), gentleness of spirit, and most significantly — an infinite capacity to comfort one in sorrow.

He was down to skin and bone at the end, hanging in for our sake only, when the night before his last — in one mighty Herculean feat — he dragged himself on to our bed — inserting himself between us — delivering his final set of skull taps to my husband to demand one more round of magical ear rubs.

We shall mourn his loss for the rest of our days.

Ellen King