In Memoriam of Carly

Our gorgeous English Labrador, Carly, was recently diagnosed with lymphoma (only symptom a cough) and despite aggressive chemotherapy and loving care at the hospital, she could not withstand the ravages of the disease. We had to let her go in peace, though the decision was harder when she came in wagging her tail in joy ~~~ but she soon sank to the floor, and me with her, telling her about all the people who loved her and whom she loved, thanking her for the joy she brought us, reminding her of all the good times we had together. She did thump her tail when I mentioned her brother Rio. Her “daddy” could bear no more, but she and I were together to the very end. After she sighed her way to doggie heaven, I sat stroking those silken ears and satin coat, telling the misty-eyed young vet what a very special dog and loyal companion our Little Black Girl had been.

It is a very empty house, but there is a candle circled with her collar burning on top of her crate, a refuge filled with all her stuffed animals, her “babies”. We are gobsmacked with grief, but we are happy to make a donation in her honor to save the dogs of war.

Alice-Anne and Tony Birch