In Memoriam of Chamouda & Gingy

Gingy, my cat, caught me by surprise when she had kittens in the electric cupboard, up, up between floors.

My dog Chamouda would survey the house in the moonlight from the top of a nearby sand dune.

These, the beginning of a long line of abandoned or lost animals who became family.

Precisely three weeks after her disappearance into the electric cupboard, Gingy came into the kitchen with a kitten in her mouth and lay it at the feet of a rather astonished Chamouda. This was repeated four more times. A foster mother now, Chamouda, who had never seen a kitten before, gently kept pushing back the escaping bundles into one area near her until Gingy brought the last one and gathered them all to feed them.

An incredible trust and understanding between friends, and beautiful basic instinct.