In Memoriam of Ketzie

She was a sweet lovely Maine Coon cat. Loved by many. She was very smart. She must have been the oldest cat ever to make Aliyah. She always knew when Shabbat and holidays were and would be waiting in her chair even before the table was set. We never learned how she knew. You could never trust her around chicken or tuna. Kids would always stop by our front steps and look for Ketzie. Sometimes she would let them pet her. As she got older, she stopped running away.

We had her 18 wonderful years. When we got her in 1988 my sister just finished high school. When Ketziepassed on, she was a doctor, married with four children and living in Israel. The children were able to experience Ketzie the last year of her life since my parents made Aliyah last year and my sister and her family two years ago. We will always carry Ketzie in our hearts.

Evan Balter