In Memoriam of Little Sister

In loving memory of Little Sister, a very special cat. A once feral kitty, she made her home with us for 16 years, always living outside on the deck or in her special corner of the garage. She would not come in, and she would, often as not, run away if we approached her. Little by little over the years, she became a bit more friendly, but still did not want us to touch her. After many years, we noticed that she had gone deaf.

One night we heard coyotes howling in our neighbor’s yard. We were so afraid that they would catch and killLittle Sister. She was sound asleep outside on the deck. We went out, scooped her up before she knew what was going on, and put her in the house. She became our “miracle kitty.” She had a complete personality change, and she lived the last 13 months of her life in kitty heaven. She loved to sit on our laps and give and receive kitty kisses. She loved her Mom and would sit on her lap and give and get kisses, but she was her Dad’s special girl. Whenever he was home, she was on his lap. They were truly “an item.”

She was very tiny—only about 5 pounds, but she took no nonsense from Freddie, our 20-pound fluffy orange tabby.

It was a great privilege to take care of her. She was a sweet, dear cat. We will always miss her and keep her always in our hearts.

Adil, Nancy and Freddie Yaqub