In Tribute of Miko

Miko acts just like a dog. He follows Uri everywhere. Here you can see him playing hide-and-seek in Uri’s shirt and kissing Matan.

When Uri comes home from work, Miko can identify him from his footsteps on the stairs. Miko starts yelling even before Uri opens the door, and that’s how Rosie knows he’s home.

He eats and drinks with the family from their plates and cups. As soon as he hears music, he dances, and whenever Uri asks him to dance, he wiggles his body.

The doorbell in our house sounds just like the phone, yet when the phone rings, Miko doesn’t say anything, but when the doorbell rings, he yells to tell us that someone has come to visit.

He’s an amazing and beautiful bird, and we all love him.

The Sebton Family
Rosie, Uri, Tali, Ran, and Matan