In Honor of Miriam Shifra Kohn

In honor of the Bat Mitzvah of our daughter and sister, Miriam Kohn

Sarah Krakauer, Mel and Ari Kohn

Kol haKavod on your Bat Mitzvah!

Jemi Mansfield

In honor of Miriam’s Bat Mitzvah, and to recognize her efforts for CHAI

Karin Krakauer

In honor of her bat mitzvah.
Mazel tov!

Grant, Jacqi, Rachel, Rebecca and Lauren Harvey

In honor of Miriam Kohn’s Bat Mitzvah, and in recognition of all her efforts on behalf of animal welfare

Wendy, Bill, Shannon, Mo Krakauer-Costello

In honor of your Bat Mitzvah. We are blessed to know such a sweet young woman.

Ryan, Davina, Elise, Samantha, and Elijah Soumokil

Congratulations on your Bat Mitzvah!

Melanie, Will, Naomi and Julian Dann

Mazel Tov Miriam. You were wonderful.

Merrill, Rose, Harry, and Pam Nakamura

Miriam is a wonderful girl who always thinks of others in need. Happy Bat Mitzvah in Portland, Oregon!

Elfriede Burke

Congratulations, Miriam!

Christi and Phil Braun

This is in honor of Miriam and her special connection to animals, on the occasion of her Bat Mitzvah.

Henriette Emond

In honor of Miriam and her love for people and animals on her Bat Mitzvah!

Michele, Doug, Matt, Jess, and Dan Shapiro

In honor of Miriam’s Bat Mitzvah

Pamela Farkas
Robin Krakauer
Claire Eldredge-Burns
Jonathan Schell
Bill Dean
Chris Knab
Cara Pettit
Merridy Gerlach
Jo Landefeld and John Richardson
Debra, Eva, and Paul Okonieff
Kadivina Hedberg