In Honor of Ramona Bamberger Stone

Ramona Bamberger Stone
In honor of my mother’s Yarzheit, 11th of Tevet 5770, and her mother, father, three brothers and sister who perished in the holocaust.
Taking care of all animals was her life.

In Memory of my mother’s Yahrtzeit, 11 Tevet. Born in Berlin and survived the holocaust with only a sister and uncle. Her life was dedicated to helping all especially animals.

In memory of my mother’s Yahrzeit Eleventh of Tevet. I will always remember your sacrifices made in my behalf, for those less fortunate, and for all animals in need.

In memory of my mother’s Yahrzeit 11 Tevet 5766. Her love for all animals, Israel, and helping those in need makes the work of CHAI so special.

In observance of my mother’s Yahrzheit 11 Tevet 5766. Caring for all animals and love of Israel was her passion in life.

In memory of my mother’s Yahrzeit 11 Tevet 5766. Compassion for helping all animals and those less fortunate was her life.

In memory of my mother, Ramona Bamberger-Stone, on this day September 23.

Yahrzeit 11 Tevet.

LtCol Shimon Stone