In Honor of Tamara Matheny

Congratulations on your bat mitzvah! Wish we could be there.
  Joe Hample & Barry Wendell
Honoring you, Tamara, on your Bat Mitzvah – a very important day. Mazel Tov.
Steve & Chris Matheny
It is wonderful that in celebration of your Bat Mitzvah, you are helping others, especially those who have no way to ask for help themselves. We are so happy to join you and honor you in this way.
Isa Konvitz
Mazel Tov on your bat mitzvah, Tamara! Douglas & Anda
Douglas Glucroft
In honor of Tamara’s bat mitzvah.
Janet Rubinstein
In honor of Tamara’s bat mitzvah, which was held on Dec. 26th — she made us very proud.
Elisabeth Matheny
In honor of your achieving Bat Mitzvah, Mazal Tov!
Chira Rosen
In honor of Tamara’s Bat Mitzvah.
Robert Muffly and Carol Buckler
Mary and Carroll Dorgan
Phillip and Jeanette Matheny