In Memoriam of Zen & Rinx

This animal Odd Couple was unique. Zen, a purebred black Lab, was timid and dim-witted yet extremely affectionate and loveable. He was small and thin, had a delicate disposition, and suffered from many ailments, yet continued to perform flawlessly as a field and stream dog to the end. His foolish stunts were legendary: getting his head stuck in the toilet, drinking a whole pot of hot water and baking soda, being terrorized by squirrels, and uttering a single “woof” only four times in his whole life.

Rinx, on the other hand, was a neutered mixed breed cat. He was unusually smart with a mean streak and a nasty, malicious sense of humor. He was big, healthy, aggressive, and a real troublemaker in the neighborhood. He was well known for running with a pack of dogs, knocking over garbage cans, stealing things from people’s houses, and biting a door-to-door proselytizer who was plaguing the neighborhood.

Despite their differences in personalities, Zen and Rinx became affectionate housemates, often playing together, taking walks together, and cuddling up in front of the fire. Both Zen and Rinx have long since passed away, but we remember their antics and the love they showed us and each other, and we smile.

The Guren Family