In Tribute of Zoe

In my six years with Zoe, she has taught me the beauty and wonder of sharing a life with another species.

I adore her and continually find her mannerisms and personality to be the most endearing thing around! Zoe could entertain me all day long and in fact, I take her nearly everywhere with me. Zoe is often like a baby – she’ll gently sit in my arms for hours, peering into my eyes and connecting with me in a profound way. We have learned ways to communicate needs and matters with one another that astound me. Her sensitivity and loving conduct toward all (humans only — she doesn’t realize she’s a dog!) even win over non-dog lovers; she has a way of making everyone just fall in love with her, but I’m her biggest fan.

Living with this emotionally expressive creature is a constant reminder to me of the vulnerability of all living things and the responsibility we have to defend their welfare. I cherish every day with my precious gift and cannot imagine going through life never having felt a connection such as this.

Lynne Weinstein