Here are just a few of the stories showing the profound change we are creating to reduce violence toward animals and people in Israel:


Saving Animals From Abuse
Hasna, 12

Hasna rescued a cat being abused by students. Listen to her tell her story.

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From Abuser to Rescuer
Seif, 8

“I used to treat cats like toys… toss them around and hurt them. I couldn’t stand them. I did not like them at all. I did not want them around. I used to hate them with all my being. I changed. The program changed me.”

After participating in CHAI’s Expanding the Circle of Compassion program, Seif and a friend saw a mother cat hit by a car, leaving behind three kittens. He took the kittens home, fed them and adopted them. He named them Katy, Lulu and Dudu.

Helping Homeless Animals
Shams, 11

“I take sick dogs and cats to the veterinarian. The vet checks whether they have problems. I also check for a good living place for them…. I give them food and water.”

Stopped Beating His Horse
Sayef, 12

“When I road my horse, I beat her so she would run fast, but I learned that she has emotions and feels tired, so now I ride at a normal pace. I I don’t beat her any more.”

Making the Connection
Gassan Grifat, principal

“The students internalized that any violence we commit toward animals, any animal – be it cat or dog, homeless animal or other – will make it easier for them to use violence toward human beings when they grow up. We helped students internalize that they cannot commit any kind of violence toward animals or humans.”

Reducing Violence – Educator comments told to program evaluator

“The majority of teachers, those involved and those not involved in the program, noticed that violence in school is much, much less frequent. I feel this has also been passed on to the rest of the students at school. Besides the matter of preventing violence against animals, we are dealing with violence among students themselves – this violence has greatly diminished, we feel it.”

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