There is nothing more powerful than a teacher who is able to inspire a new generation to be compassionate and to act on their concern to make a difference in the world. Education is the key to a more just, humane and sustainable world for all.

Human actions that cause people, the environment and non-human animals to suffer are rampant. Many people are working to stop these actions. While this work is important, it often only deals with the symptoms of the problem, not the causes. When we educate and empower young people to think critically and act from a place of compassion, the whole world is affected in a positive way and cultures shift. In this way, we have the ability to have a powerful impact on the root causes of a violent society.

The lesson plans developed by CHAI and Hakol Chai support students in clarifying who and what they care about most. Students are then guided in aligning their actions with their deepest values. They become beacons of compassion in their homes, their communities and the world. We will be adding a variety of both secular and Jewish religious lessons plans in the future, so please check back or join our email list to be notified.

Help us create a world where all life is respected and cared for.

This section contains lesson plans for secular schools and summer camps, as well as lesson plans for Jewish venues. CHAI’s secular lesson plans, fact sheets and supplemental material for all grades through High School will be posted in the near future, under the title Sharing Home. Below is an example of a secular lesson entitled Now We Are Talking. All lessons contain true short stories depicting animal intelligence, emotions or abilities, critical thinking questions, activities and suggestions for what individual students or classes can do to help.

DOWNLOAD – Secular Lesson Plan Example: Now We Are Talking

Below are the links to Jewish humane education material: